The Emerald Service


Nutritional Balancing Science Program

(Prices are listed in U.S. Dollars.)


The First Hair Analysis for New Client Members (all ages): $350 Emerald Package

$50 Family member discount - $300 reduced price includes all Emerald Package services detailed below (discount orders must be processed by phone).


 Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

 services Emerald Package includes:

ok 4 Personalized Consultations

ok Customized Program Recommendations

ok Instructional Audio Recording

ok Detailed Hair Analysis Report and all Lab Fees



The Retest Client Member (all ages): $200 Emerald Retest Package

Take an additional $50 off the Emerald Retest Package if you are an existing client ordering recommended program supplements from Mind, Body, and Spirit, LLC's client account (discount orders must be processed by phone).

*For clients located outside of the US - a $35 flat-rate International Shipping and Handling Fee will be applied at final checkout.


All Minerals 

services Emerald Retest Package includes:

ok Repeat Hair Analysis Report and all Lab Fees

ok 60 minute personalized consultation

ok Updated program recommendations